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Welcome to our Victorian Food Relief Network site.

Our aims are really quite simple, being primarily to provide readily accessable sources of information for those in need of food, and other means of personal assistance, ( starting out ) within Victoria, Australia.

How this web resource came into being, is a typical story of a small Food Relief Group of volunteers, in a small country town in Victoria, whom neeeded a basic web presence, to get our contact details, location, sponsors acknowledgements, and the basics active on the internet. We, the BBCC Food Relief Group, in Warragul Victoria, intend to help other such Groups raise their general public awareness on-line, as to where to go if anyone is in need of genuine personal help, how to donate surplus food, or even volunteering some time in a local food relief Group.

We are happy to assist any bone fide Victorian Food Relief Group to develop an effective internet presence for a nominal design, maintenance, and annual hosting fee of an affordable donation, which will naturally be contributed to help those locally in need.

From experience, we recommend a straight forward one page presence, with up to 10 good photos, with informative text, including a basic overview of your group, guidelines of who and how you can help, location and contact details, list of sponsors, and other helpful local web site links. If required, we can provide an on line enquiry form, and an email address eg if you need another email address.

Visit our example Web page, for here.

This public awareness internet system, will also be developed and promoted along simple means of being enhanced in search engines results, by the use of regional based sub-domains in this site. To clarify this point, our Food Relief Group in Warragul, was allocated the subdomain For example, if you represented a Food Relief Group in Traralgon, seeking an informative web presence, your web site pages and info would be established at, and your text, logo, and images would be accessable from there.

Sadly in current times, most would agree that government funding and their related support mechanisms for helping those in many types of need, are generally not effective or accountable, apart from a few exceptions. Regardless of expensive overheads, like rent, electricity, and foodstuffs to be purchased, many food distribution Groups would simply not exist if not for the many dedicated volunteers, stemming from most walks of life. For the bulk of food items that are donated, we also seek to utilise every opportunity to acknowledge the generous contributions from major supermarkets, local producers, and the volunteers whom pick up such donations.

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As this resource grows, it is intended to provide an effective database of Victorian Food Relief Groups on line.